10 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers - 2018

10 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers - 2018

The prototype of a product or the beta build of an application hardly lives up to the expectation of a customer, and that is completely acceptable. Such a trend of manufacturing or development signifies the implementation of an agile workflow, where multiple iterations of a product are tested by end-user to report bug or errors. As a result, the agile methodology is widely preferred by industry leaders for its potential of reducing the development cost while ensuring efficient project delivery. Utilizing the Agile methodology provides long-term growth in a competitive market as the end product gets delivered to the market faster owing to its iterative nature. In a survey of 50,000 agile teams, by CA Technologies, it was found that Agile can help high-performing teams double their productivity and cut time to market by 50 percent.

Agile methodology is not only a preferred approach to application development but also proves to improve the way digital products and services are delivered to achieve digital transformation. Agile adoption has even gone beyond software development by transcending into other departments such as sales, marketing, and operations. End-to-end agility of business operations will bridge the gap between IT and various departments to attain organizational objectives collaboratively; filling such gaps assists the IT teams to engage with other areas of the business proactively. Thus, an adequately agile organization enhances collaboration and cross-functional communication at all levels of a company to deliver a cherishable end product to its customers.

In the current edition of CIO Review, we introduce to you the “10 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers -2018,” capable of ensuring smoother workflows during development while aiding an organization in maintaining the quality of their deliverables.

Company Name

Company Description

Agile Craft Delivers the comprehensive software solution available for scaling agile to the enterprise by combining sophisticated planning, analysis, forecasting, and visualization with robust, multi-level collaboration and management
Atlassian Offers collaboration, development, and issue tracking software for teams, with products including Jira, Jira Service Desk, Jira Ops, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello
CollabNet VersionOne Provides enterprise value stream management that accelerates high value software development and delivery, while improving quality and reducing risk
Digite Provides collaborative Lean/ Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solutions for distributed software development, maintenance, and implementation
OrecX, LLC Provides agile transformation services for business and technology allowing for improvements in product and service innovation, enhanced digital delivery effectiveness, and improved high-quality software delivery
Planview Provides solutions for strategic planning, portfolio and resource management, product innovation, capability and technology management, and collaborative work management
Planview LeanKit A visual project delivery tool that enables teams of all types and across all levels of the organization to apply Lean management principles to their work
Scaled Agile Enables enterprises to achieve better outcomes by increasing employee engagement, and improves business economics through adoption of Lean-Agile principles and practices based on the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)
ScrumDo Offers a work management and collaboration platform that models any Agile process, maximizing company productivity and performance
TRI-COR Industries Deliver full lifecycle business and IT services in support of defense and civilian enterprise systems