Top 10 Agile Services Companies - 2022

Agile is no longer just a buzzword. It has set a solid root in organizations to quickly adopt to rapidly evolving market and customer demands. Advanced technologies like cloud-based agile system, AI and ML agile testing, quality intelligence platforms are helping organizations simplify complex production and organizational processes, and allowing project managers to deliver a project at a functional level when changes may be made more quickly.

In wake of these developments, the global agile services market is projected to reach $63.8 billion by 2026.

The use of AI and ML in agile methodology is one of the biggest trends for its ability to create a great source of data that when analyzed, allowing organizations to make assertive and timely decisions. The synergy between these technologies and the agile methodologies encourages and promotes greater productivity between developers and testers, as AI and ML provide real-time information and offer a clear prediction of when the project enters the release phase.

To put the spotlight on other key developments, CIOReview illustrates how agile services are helping businesses in greater productivity and quality improvements. This edition also features a thought leadership articles from David Bejar, Head of DevSecOps and Agile Practices at Allianz Indonesia; Paul Kerrison, Director of Digital Engineering at Dunelm; and Manuel Magg, Project Director at Exyte. They shed light on the role of agile delivery of semiconductor facilities, and agile journey in insurance businesses.

In this edition of CIOReview, we also bring to you the story of some of the most promising agile service providers. In the list, Enterprise Solution Providers (ESP) stands out for its consultative approach to turn agile adoption into agile transformation. We also bring to you the stories of Gunter Group, providing agile methodologies to the large organizations for delivering values to the customers, and HyperVelocity Consulting, providing tailored insights into an organization’s identity crises, retention, and cultural issues. Equally commendable stories are the Private Sector Group, offering customized agile methodologies, and Trinity Technology Group, providing IT consulting to deliver end-to-end solutions that solve business problems.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the agile services space. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Agile Services Companies

  • 1

    A boutique global consulting firm with more than two decades of experience leading strategic change initiatives, addressing unique client needs with skill-based practices that include Digital Transformation, Data, Cloud, Infrastructure and Agile transformation

  • 2

    Founded in 2011, The Gunter Group leverages strong, long-term relationships with clients to bring technical proficiency with dedicated understanding towards your client's specific needs to deliver superior results

  • 3

    By using a comprehensive approach to the Agile transformation process, HyperVelocity Consulting is able to provide tailored insights into an organization’s identity crises, retention, and cultural issues. Performing preliminary Agile Assessments are an intrinsic part of the solutions development process, allowing clients to understand where their weaknesses lie and how to improve upon their existing operations down the road.

  • 4

    The Private Sector Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) IT consulting firm that serves both commercial and federal clients. The company specializes in bringing scaled agile solutions to the enterprise that give clients an unrivaled competitive advantage.

  • 5

    Trinity Technology Group resolves challenges related to new technologies, techniques, and integrative new platforms into clients’ existing infrastructure acting as an unbiased strategic partner to clients that believes in early and complete transparency. It conducts end-to-end business analysis and has a reference framework of functionality

  • 6



    Agile367 was founded on the principle that custom software development and testing must be precisely that - custom. Every business is unique, and every firms' demands are unique. They began as a modest firm with a handful of clients in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 7



    AgileThought, with more than two decades of experience and operations in the United States and Latin America, scales agile teams to support and expedite mission-critical projects. They achieve success by discovering opportunities to accelerate their time to market, innovating to establish market difference, and bolstering their market position

  • 8

    Big Agile

    Big Agile

    Big Agile is the foremost Scrum and Agile training consultant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

  • 9

    Procept Associates

    Procept Associates

    In 1983, Procept Associates was founded in Canada to provide engineering and construction clients with project management consultancy and training services

  • 10



    Ulfix is an agile organization; they create secure and functional software on every iteration, providing total transparency on the process, and collaborating closely with the client to establish long-term partnerships as their technology partners