ScrumDo: A Lean, Agile Work Management Tool

Ajay Reddy, Co-founder
In the mid 2000s, Ajay Reddy and his colleague Marc Hughes were working on implementing agile processes that would facilitate a lightweight and flexible way of collaborating with the team members in an organization. The duo observed that many existing project management tools at the time did not support agile frameworks, and as these platforms modified their tools to try and support agile ways of working, they usually forced organizations to work in a particular way. Having experienced these challenges first-hand, Reddy and Hughes created their first iteration of a truly agile tool, ScrumDo, to specifically support teams that were using Scrum to manage the way they planned and delivered work.

Today, ScrumDo has evolved into a complete enterprise platform that not only provides robust support for all agile management frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe, among others), but can also be configured to support any process. More significantly, ScrumDo’s premium subscription plans allow organizations to visualize the entire organization’s roll up of metrics, health, progress and predictictions across multiple levels, enabling breakdown of large initiatives into smaller chunks of work distributed across many teams or units, supporting discovery of new ideas from anywhere, link all that work together, supporting rich engagement of local customers and aiding effective decision making with intelligent personalized dashboards.

“We wanted to build a platform that would robustly support all work management frameworks plus deliver meaningful insights about all areas of an entire organization’s work stream,” says Jack Speranza, COO of ScrumDo. “Every business executive struggles to know if everyone is working on the right things at the right time, as well as trying to get early signals about where delivery of work may be at risk. Our company’s platform solves that problem, and its integration with other commonly used applications means that organizations don’t have to abandon their existing tool sets to benefit from our platform.” Some of the applications ScrumDo integrates with include GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Basecamp, Slack, and Harvest.

While the ScrumDo team believes in the power of Lean-Agile management principles, they also realize that “doing work in agile ways” is not the same as being agile in the marketplace. So in addition to its digital platform, ScrumDo provides expert consultation and guidance to organizations that want to meaningfully transform how they work, in order to meet the challenges of creating and sustaining competitive advantage in the modern world.

“Curiosity, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Common understanding and Diversity among the team members and employees are some of the key aspects of being agile, and our platform delivers the support required to engender trust in them for enhanced communication,” says Ajay Reddy, co-founder of ScrumDo. The firm further aids its clients in discovering and mitigating the complexities that accompany agile transformations.

Reddy explains that true business agility is a capability rooted in learning how to effectively explore, discover, and understand the relevant contexts in our organizations and realize our ability to influence in those contexts. One of the first challenges in beginning that journey lies in mastering the basic principles rooted in complexity science.

Communication among the team members and employees is the key aspect of being agile, and our tool delivers the support required to engender trust in them

“Our chief value proposition lies in enabling you and others in your organization to become aware of what they’re stuck in and how we can help others get unstuck with pragmatic action, and then doing it all over again. When something is understood and a solution is feasible, only then can a process be implemented,” says Reddy.

ScrumDo is currently the only enterprise tool that not only incorporates elements of complexity science in its platform, but helps you to realize the value of your customers by effectively helping deliver to customers what they really value. It’s one of the key differentiating capabilities the ScrumDo team relies on to facilitate highly effective agile processes in the organizations they serve.

“It is important to understand the context in which a company and its teams operate, and their complexities are something that our tool is developed to address,” says Reddy. Additionally, the platform is highly adaptive so it doesn’t just support what a company is doing at present, but also what it needs to evolve to do in the future.

Some of ScrumDo’s larger customers have really begun to leverage the platform’s multi-tiered capabilities since they were first introduced about 18 months ago. “Our clients have been witnessing continuous acceleration of their business strategies by utilizing the coaching services integrated into our platform, which guides them in focusing on the right process improvements at the right times,” says Speranza. Many customers are finding the ease with which the platform allows them to monitor performance and work across multiple teams and multiple programs while identifying and addressing potential problems sooner and with greater insights.

The company also assisted one of its Atlanta-based clients by carrying out bi-directional integration with the client’s tool that they already had in place to monitor all of their departments. This helped the client to leverage the benefits of both applications without compromising their team’s performance by forcing the introduction of a new tool or way of working into their established environment.

ScrumDo has delivered significant capabilities to many such businesses over the years. Following the release of their major engine rebuild eighteen months ago, ScrumDo is now building out its sales, marketing, and customer success teams to begin delivering unparalleled human support to its customer base, and expand vertically as well as geographically. As part of this effort, the team at ScrumDo is also creating network partnerships, affording independent consultants and coaches the ability to offer and support the capabilities of the platform as part of their engagements.


Marietta, GA

Ajay Reddy, Co-founder and Jack Speranza, COO

Offers a work management and collaboration platform that models any Agile process, maximizing company productivity and performance