TRI-COR Industries: Transition from IT Agility to Business Agility

Venkat Chayanam, Enterprise Architect
Upon entering TRI-COR Industries (TCI) as Enterprise Architect, Venkat Chayanam envisioned a bright future and numerous opportunities through a lens fogged by business challenges in the industry. Chayanam, now a Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, leads his team to mitigate these challenges while steering TCI’s strategic vision to provide transformative solutions for its customers. By aligning innovative technology implementations to customers’ business strategies, TCI enables customers to bridge the gap between IT and business agility—thereby transforming organizations from project-centric organizations to portfolio-centric enterprises.

In order for organizations to truly transform, they must successfully manage interdependencies among project, operations, and product/portfolio teams. Task, resource capacities, and technology utilization are just a few of the interdependences that organizations must manage to achieve true business agility.

“TCI’s objective is to streamline the management of project and portfolio interdependencies so that organizations can facilitate a more seamless transition to a business-agile enterprise,” states Chayanam. In partnership with Scaled Agile Inc., TCI accomplishes this objective through their custom-built solution, VELOCITY™ Enterprise Insights. VELOCITY™ simplifies Scaled Agile framework (SAFe®) implementations and helps organizations better align their digital transformation and business agility goals. An integral purpose of SAFe® is to align the portfolio level perspectives among operations and development teams, strategic planners, and senior and executive management. VELOCITY™ takes it one step further by TCI aggregating and consolidating that information in a unified toolkit that is specifically designed to provide greater transparency and visibility into all facets of project and portfolio development activities. Customers have an unbridled view of resources, interdependencies, risks, and capacities while experiencing significantly improved alignment and prioritization in support of Federal initiatives such as FITARA, MBT, FIAR, and TBM.

VELOCITY™ is just one example of how TCI continuously invests in the development, implementation, and deployment of native solutions that are specifically designed to transform business outcomes. TCI also offers a robust in-house Platform as-a-Service Model (PaaS) model called “MobileConnect”. The MobileConnect platform was developed by TCI to enable our customers to rapidly implement and deploy secure enterprise and consumer mobile applications to drive and simplify communication, engagement, and transactional activities.

We bridge the gap between project-centric organizations and portfolio teams and facilitate a seamless journey of transition into business agility

The primary benefit of our MobileConnect platform is to “mobilize” enterprise activities and improve business agility. TCI has successfully deployed its MobileConnect platform for state, commercial, and non-profit organizations. A prime example of this is the Border Patrol Foundation (BPF). BPF required a scalable, secure, configurable, and easy-to-maintain web and mobile environment for its members. TCI answered the call by empowering BPF with a turn-key PaaS solution per the MobileConnect platform. Through our custom PaaS offering, TCI streamlined member engagement, resulting in improved donor participation and increasing benefits to Border Patrol agents in times of need. TCI also provided a BPF-branded Mobile App for conducting secure transactions beyond basic information dissemination.

“MobileConnect is a great example of how we tailor IT solutions to satisfy business outcomes,” says Chayanam, “We are focused on offering next-generation, custom technologies that enable organizations to enhance user experiences, more effectively collaborate, and better align to established business priorities and stakeholder objectives.”

As exemplified above, it is clear that TCI offers cutting-edge toolkits that enhance business efficiencies. Through such tools as VELOCITY™, TCI provides a means to synchronize and aggregate project and portfolio data and generate customized dashboards and reports for better decision-making. Additionally, through MobileConnect, TCI enables organizations to streamline and enhance collaboration, coordination, and transparency through robust, configurable PaaS solutions. Moving forward, TCI envisions actively combining VELOCITY™ and the MobileConnect platforms to build products in the Cybersecurity space. The firm, historically serving the federal government, has broadened its solution focus to commercial organizations. TCI is a company that continuously strives to expand its capabilities to transform and modernize the IT services and delivery landscape.

TRI-COR Industries

Alexandria, VA

Venkat Chayanam, Enterprise Architect

Established in 1983, TRI-COR is an information technology enterprise that provides software products and IT services. The company delivers top-notch products, services, and solutions to both the private and public sectors. The enterprise offers its clients low-risk innovations that support them in achieving sustained cost savings. The company delivers full lifecycle business and IT services in support of Defense and Civilian mission-crucial and private enterprises Business & IT systems. It provides the finest products that optimize performance, unleash service integrations, and modernize and transform the operational landscape. The company is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia