Top 10 Agile Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

Technology evolves rapidly, and it is crucial for IT teams to adapt and upgrade themselves to the latest devices and applications. Managing these assets is possible with newer ways of service thinking and management, where an agile approach helps in terms of learning, implementing, and embracing these changes quickly. Agile is neither a standard nor a framework but a state of mind to learn, change, and deliver faster. The new approach strives for better communication, collaboration, and a user-centric approach toward IT problems. Agile software development inspires Agile service management, where principles are similar to product management that builds a working product in smaller frequent release cycles.

Our Agile service providers help organizations who are in the lookout for bringing improvement in their processes while delivering value that will enable faster transformation in their businesses. Their Agile and Scrum certified training, transformation, consulting, DevOps practices, and Agile development can take a team’s performance to a new level, optimizing the organization’s flexibility, creativity, and productivity. Their Agile services comprising evaluation,measurement, training, and coaching teams can help you become a world-class Agile based organization. The following sectors can be benefitted through Agile services—Consumer Goods, Retail, Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Payments, and Telecommunications.

To help CIOs navigate through the list of Agile service providers, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of CIOReview narrowed the 10 Most Promising Agile Service Providers that exhibit competence in delivering competent, comprehensive Agile technology innovations.

We present to you CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Agile Consulting/Service Companies - 2019.

    Top Agile Consulting Companies

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    Big river technologies inc., was founded by seasoned industry veterans with over 100 combined years of experience in capital markets technology and delivery excellence. The leadership team created a big river to be the boutique client-centric firm they always wanted to work for, truly focused on client success and valued business outcomes. The expertise tackles today’s toughest enterprise challenges by crafting elegantly designed technology solutions that deliver measurable business value. Their business-driven development methodology underpins our three practices: FinTech, User Experience Discovery, and Enterprise Computing. The work spans end-to-end solution ideation, architecture, design, software development, quality assurance and overall delivery

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    ClearlyAgile is an Agile Consulting/Service company that helps organizations keep culture at the center of the Agile transformation process. The company transforms clients’ business processes using Agile methodologies and principles, while helping them succeed in a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, and fast-paced environment. It also brings together training, frameworks and DevOps to start an Agile adoption—step one in creating a culture of purposeful experimentation, reflection and incremental improvement. ClearlyAgile is not just a typical consulting company. It adopts Agile methodology in its day-to-day operations. The company also offers Agile training and public classes for technology teams and their stakeholders, while helping reinforce Scrum, Lean and Kanban concepts

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    Infosysta provides high-grade quality consultancy service and has been recognized as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in the EMEA region. The company is actively involved in organizing yearly summits and is investing a lot of effort into developing an Agile Culture among the businesses in the region. They bridge the gap between the various departments and stakeholders of its clients by introducing Agile project management solutions

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    Isos embraces a coaching model in addition to providing curriculum-based training, helping the teams apply what they have learned from the real scenarios in their enterprise. When scaling Agile in organizations with large, distributed teams, West believes that the biggest measure of success is the level of visibility in an organization. To that end, Isos brings in its finely-honed combination of DevOps, ITSM, and Agile process knowledge, along with their rich Atlassian tool expertise, to help senior-level management in organizations to achieve new levels of visibility, productivity, and collaboration, eliminating time-consuming conversations

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    The company provides management and engineering talent with a passion for their client product. Their team listen, plan, and develop solutions to help them succeed. The company’s agile team delivers work in small, usable, increments. This approach to software development promotes timely customer feedback and helps the team respond quickly to change. The company helps to plan the service and delivery routes, streamline property and assets management, increase the efficiency of resources used and reduces negative environmental impacts. Extracting business intelligence from data through machine learning and advanced analytics. The company uses data science for monitoring and continuously improving your systems

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    CalAgile was formed to offer the applications to organizations that are looking to improve their processes, deliver value faster enable transformation in their business. CalAgile's principals have extensive experience as Agile practitioners. The company has worked in a variety of industries, including Consumer Goods, Retail, Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Payments, and Telecommunications. They have successfully built eCommerce, Marketing, Big Data, and Analytic systems using Agile best practices and leverage advanced intellectual property that can be used to provide the organization with a competitive advantage. CalAgile offers a unique mix of business acumen and technical know-how in delivering enterprise applications

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    CIXCI is disrupting the mobile accessories market with accessible, end-to-end solutions that centralize the sales process and add more control in the vendor’s hands. With CIXCI, mobile carriers have access to the largest possible product cataloge competitive sales pricing, and fulfillment solutions with reduced operating risk. The company is most passionate about bringing new technology to the consumer market through the creation of effective platforms with measurable outcomes. Using a single application, they develop innovative methods to deliver consumer products. The company transforms legacy business processes into more scalable, cloud-based solutions that are cost-effective, customizable, and are agile

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    CollabNet Version One

    CollabNet Version One

    CollabNet VersionOne is the Enterprise Value Stream Management company that accelerates high-value software development and delivery while improving quality and reducing risk. The company’s offerings provide the global enterprise and government market leaders a cohesive solution, spanning ideas through delivery, which enables them to capture, create, deliver, and measure the flow of business value throughout their application development lifecycles. The company was founded in 1999. Since its inception, the company specializes in providing the clients with Application Lifecycle Management, CSM, Enterprise SCM, Continuous Integration, Agile Software Delivery, DevOps, Application Release Automation, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Configuration Management, ARA, ALM, Agile training, Value Stream Mapping, and CI/CD

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    Exadel is a company developing enterprise and custom software solutions for its clients, including AT&T, Samsung, Sprint, Avaya, Time Warner, eBay, Sears, GE, and UBS. With 18 locations and delivery centers across the US and Eastern Europe, Exadel solves the most complex software technology issues, offering a scalable and skilled mix of onshore and offshore resources at the industry's most competitive price. The company’s Digital Software Engineering Services (DSES) help to assess, identify, and chart new digital strategies that are built upon creative thinking, new business opportunities, and technical innovation. DSES embraces the strengths of diverse global software development and engineering talent to design and implement strategic, cost-effective services for the new epoch of connected technology

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    Savvy Software

    Savvy Software

    Savvycom is a provider of Technology Consulting and Software Outsourcing Company. Savvycom provides IT professional and consulting services to customers in various industries such as Healthcare, Education, Fintech, E-commerce, and Logistic & Supply Chain. Whether it's the mobile application, web application development, enterprise management solutions, or Cloud & DevOps services, we can create powerful products to help you optimize investment costs and enhance your business. The company was founded in the year 2009 and is based in Cau Giay, Hanoi. With a team of experts, the company’s specialties include Supply chain management, Web App Development, and Enterprise Management Solutions